Human-centered diversity and inclusion training.


Helping companies and organizations create more inclusive environment for creatives of color.

Born out of the frustration at the lack of authentic conversation and inaction around diversity and inclusion, colored provides and honest and tangible look at the issues organization face when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to help attract, retain, and promote creatives of color within organizations.

Our approach isn’t just to talk about diversity and inclusion in the abstract, we turn it into a verb and make it tangible. Using human centered design methods such as user research and ideation, we shed light on the issues your organization faces by using real people who are going through it. Not only do we discuss challenges we also work together with key stakeholders and employees alike to co-create realistic solutions your organization can implement and sustain.

We pride ourselves on not just focusing on education through long lectures or lunch and learns, we want our partners to experience the difficulties and have a hand in crafting the solutions. Let us be your guides on the diversity and inclusion journey.

Our philosophy is to create inclusive environments centers around pillars of attracting, retaining, and promoting retaining creatives of color.

Our philosophy is to create inclusive environments centers around pillars of attracting, retaining, and promoting retaining creatives of color.


Our Offering

Initial Consultation

Just getting started? Overwhelmed with options? Unsure of how your organization can get moving on diversity and inclusion? If so, we can help you articulate and prioritize the challenges your organization faces, what you want to accomplish, and where there is alignment between those two. Our initial consultation is a perfect way to understand your options without getting too deep.

Education Workshops

Learn how to create inclusive environments by doing hands on learning. We offer lunch and learns, half day, and full day workshops for your diversity and inclusion needs. Our goal is to keep people experiencing the issues and be active in creating solutions. If none of them are just right for you, we even create custom workshops for the unique challenges of your organization.

Deep Dive Studies

Are you wanting to truly understand the creatives of color in your organization? Maybe you’re looking to check your progress on inclusion initiatives. If so, we can help. Through our deep dive studies programs we offer both a week long ethnographic intensive to help set a baseline and a longer terms inclusion audit to track key indicators on diversity and inclusion.

Our Community


colored collective

building community for womxn of color

It all started 2 years ago when we realized there wasn’t a place womxn of color designers to gather and build a community. So often we have to choose which identity to talk about, but there was no place for us to talk about the intersections of all of our identities.

So we created a group for womxn and non-binary people of color to come together and enhance their skills in design and build community. One of our most popular events is focal point, an evening of storytelling when womxn can tell their stories of their work and what drives them devoid of their trauma. To learn more about the group visit our meetup or consider partnering with us for an event.


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