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After the failed Pepsi solves racism and Nivea’s white purity campaign, Theresa Stewart was angry. She was angry at unintentional racism in the advertising and creative world. Frustrated by the ads and her own experiences being a black woman in the design world, she created a website to give a voice to her feelings. She used the site to offer up her and her friend’s services to help companies not put insensitive and offensive content into the world. This, coupled with Theresa’s passion for diversity and inclusion spawned colored.

colored is focused on helping companies in the design and technology world understand how their current culture might be challenging for their employees of color and, by extension, other marginalized groups. We do this using human centered design methods to uncover the deep layers of challenges to inclusion and to provide tangible solutions to problems.  


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Theresa Stewart

Theresa Stewart is a Designer and Cultural Consultant who has been crafting meaningful experiences in a range of industries, including consumer electronics, retail, and healthcare. She helped the Grocery Manufacturers Association launch Smart Label, an industry shifting initiative that lead to packaged goods companies to be more transparent about what is in their products by creating a label equivalent smart phone tool. Officially launched in 2016, Theresa was part of the original team that took the idea from concept to execution. She supported the initiative with UX design work and strategic direction.

Prior to becoming independent consultant, Theresa had the opportunity to be apart of design organizations both on the consulting side, having worked for the innovation consulting firm gravitytank, and in-house at a boutique shipping and logistics company.

In addition to design, Theresa is passionate about diversity and inclusion. She’s been a fierce advocate for creating spaces for designers of color in the industry. The focus of her company, colored, is to help design organizations create more inclusive environments for black and brown designers by helping them identify gaps in their inclusion efforts and create solutions, including policy, recruitment, and retention strategies. She also serves as the Design Ethics chair for AIGA Chicago, a new position created based on her recommendation.



B.S, Design 2012

Professional Development, 2015

Activities & Affiliations

  • AIGA, Design Ethics Chair

  • IxDA

  • Community Partner, 18 Coffees