Longer Term Engagements

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of your organization to uncover inclusion opportunities.

Ethnographic Sprint


Diversity and Inclusion is such a nebulous concept to tackle. Your organization knows it needs to improve on it, but you’re unsure on how to go about it or how your efforts now impact those in the office. During this week we will:

  • Conduct interviews with people in your organization

  • Cut together a video summary of the interviews

  • Identify themes for inclusion efforts

  • Have a viewing and discussion of the video

What you’ll get

  • Comprehensive set of focus areas

  • High quality video focused on inclusion

  • Initial starter ideas for tackling your organizations inclusion challenges

Sample Week


  • Kick off workshop with key stake holders

  • Identify and grant permission for interviews

  • Sign any waivers or agreements

  • Create discussion guide

  • Schedule Interviews


  • Conduct and record interviews

  • Synthesis Interviews


  • Cut together draft of video

  • Share initial synthesis

  • Gather feedback


  • Finalize video

  • Hold showing for office or just key stakeholders


Inclusion Audit


More details coming soon.