Where Are All the Black and Brown People At

Where are all the Black (and Brown) People at?



You’ve tried it all, you’ve partnered with Black Girls Code, sponsored a Black Tech Mecca Event, and volunteered at Latinx Tech Pitch Night and your organization still doesn’t have a strong representation of marginalized design talent. There is usually a wave of applications after these events, but rarely does anyone make it past the first interview. Even if they do, the candidate doesn’t accept the job citing “cultural fit” reasons and you’re left mystified. 

Your hiring process might be unintentionally turning people away. Perhaps the position requirements, the design challenge, or the all day interview are just a few ways you’re turning potential talent away. We’re going to comb through key parts in your hiring journey to understand where the issue might be and identifying ways to revamp your process. 

What You’ll Do

Participants will spend the day identifying key components in the hiring journey and come up with tangible ideas and steps that organizationally and or individually can be taken in order to create an experience that better attracts black and brown designers, and puts your organization’s most inclusive foot forward in an authentic way. 

What You’ll Learn

  • The hiring to on-boarding journey of your organization

    • Pain points

    • Non-inclusive practices

    • Where your organization excels

  • How to apply human centered design approach to hiring and recruiting

  • Strategy for improving practices

  • At least one implementable idea

How We’ll Get There

  • Kick-off meeting for introductions and goals

  • Quick survey or interview to see what key people in the organization think about the hiring process

  • Create and run full day workshop on hiring practices

  • Post workshop follow-up survey


8 hours