Yo, Is this Racist?

Yo, is This Racist?



We all use history–both personal and country, to have a frame of reference for our interactions. Because we all live different experiences and have different identities, our frame of reference for acceptable and inclusive behavior is different. This can lead to disagreements, arguments, and even being the r-word, racist. 

While being called racist can be hurtful angering, and even confusing, it is time to learn why something is racist, especially when you’ve rarely experienced racism. Maybe you’ve seen, heard, or taken a report of something that has been called racist, but you’re not really sure why and you’re too scared to ask. Well, you’re in luck. colored can help you understand why a seemingly innocuous interaction is considered racist.

This workshop is great for businesses who have rumored and documented incidents of micro-aggressions, gas-lighting, and other subtle discriminatory behaviors.  

What You’ll Do

You’ll learn why incidents reported at your office are considered racist or race-based harassment. colored will use anonymized submitted incidents as the basis for a session to show the context of why an incident is problematic and help participants start to recognize when these events are occurring. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Common types of racial incidents happening at your organization

  • Historical context as why these incidents are racist

  • How to start being more aware of these issues

  • How to approach situations empathetically

How We’ll Get There

  • Kick-off meeting for introductions and goals

  • Send anonymized survey collecting incidents at the organization

  • Follow-up call to share survey results and select which incidents to include in the presentation

  • Create and present lunch and learn discussing the historical context and provides tools and resources to being more aware

  • Follow-up survey and meeting to discuss impact


1.5 –2 hours